Welcome to the Computational Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory

Welcome to the Computational Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory

The Laboratory was founded in 1996 to host computational hydrodynamics studies already carried on at ITU by focusing on powerful hardware and software facilities. Among the goals of the laboratory is to try to contribute to the international studies on hydrodynamics by following closely the current research and hence to utilize marine hydrodynamics as a design tool and a problem solver in ship design studies. In this respect, a special emphasis is put on the hull form optimization, particularly, for wave resistance and on the aft form optimization and flow uniformity at propeller plane for viscous resistance.

It is expected that the studies recently started on violent flows would contribute to the computational potential of the laboratory. Meantime, the laboratory with its validated and tested routines developed over the years has the potential to initiate new research work and to carry out industrial development studies. Up to now, the laboratory has served the needs of more then 40 bow and aft form hydrodynamic design studies and successfully completed international projects (such as EUCLID RTP 10.14) and national projects (such as MILGEM Corvette).

One of the most useful advantages of our laboratory is to have the full access to the experimental facilities of Ata Nutku Ship Model Testing Laboratory.

Computational Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory offers a collaborative working environment with harmony among the researchers and performs global and local hydrodynamic design studies by praising team work with social activities as well.

Ömer Gören

Professor of Ship Hydrodynamics &
Director of Computational Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory